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Experience, combined with open, honest,
one-to-one support.

How and why we coach


Praegressa’s combined professional coaching experience spans more than 20 years and while our background is corporate, our coaching style is nurturing and supportive. 

The methods we use to coach give individuals the tools to reflect on their own strengths and values, to maximise their potential, and improve their performance. We encourage, we motivate, but without being pushy.

Our goal is simply to help people get where they need to be and feel positive, happy and strong in their role, through a human and friendly approach. 

As a small team of associates, we can ensure any potential conflicts of interest between the individuals we work with are avoided through the use of different coaches where needed. 

We find that the majority of our clients feel more relaxed being at home for their sessions, and so most of our meetings take place remotely. We are happy to conduct sessions in person, if preferred.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about the way we work. 

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Emma Lewis

Postgraduate Diploma Executive Coaching

University of the West of England

2012 MBTI Level I & II Practitioner OPP

Introducing Emma


Emma Lewis is an accredited coach with extensive coaching experience in the legal sector, having worked with law firms for more than 20 years, both in-house and as an external consultant. 

Emma’s strong industry knowledge means she has supported lawyers at all stages of the partnership process and has initiated highly successful parental leave coaching programmes in two of the top 25 law firms. Emma has also led transition coaching programmes in a number of other professional service organisations. 

Emma focuses on building a strong relationship with the individual, establishing a rapport in the first meeting, and coaching through one-to-one sessions.  

Emma's compassionate and empathetic approach means she has a particularly good 'chemistry fit' with those who feel they need re-motivating, perhaps following rejection or a period of time away from work. 

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"Put simply, Emma creates positive business impact. She does that through establishing highly productive and engaging relationships with individual clients, their line managers and key sponsors, as well as a full understanding of the organisation's culture and strategy."

Partner, top 25 law firm

Meet Emma

Our coaching


  • Highly supportive and strategic throughout

  • Focused on building a strong relationship 

  • Establish a rapport in the first meeting

  • We always coach in person through one-to-one sessions

  • We encourage individuals to focus on their development while considering their organisation’s wider culture and objectives. 

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