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Why coaching works

Today, executive coaching is firmly embedded in a wide range of professional contexts and regarded as an investment in both the business and its people. 

The benefits of coaching are many; individuals are empowered and encouraged to take responsibility, they are more engaged, and they communicate more effectively. Coaching can also help identify high-potential employees and organisational and development opportunities.


On an individual level, people are more satisfied in their work, more self-reliant, more goal-driven, and more productive. 


Over 70% of individuals who receive coaching at work benefited from improved performance, better work relationships, and more effective communication skills.


The Institute of Coaching

"The coaching is uncomplicated, completely open, honest, non-judgemental and supportive. 

Emma takes an outcome focused approach, agreeing the 'roadmap' – where you’re heading, the areas you want to cover, and what you want to get out of the process."

Partner, top 25 law firm  

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A good executive coach will have a proven process and a point of view based on experience. They can use that experience, diagnose the cause of a problem, and implement the right tools and processes to serve the organisation.

Investing in a good coach also gives the organisation a confidential and objective perspective. They can give truthful insights and provide new ideas from an external viewpoint. 


86% of organisations feel that the investment they made into

coaching was more

than recouped. 


The Institute of Coaching

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