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One-to-one coaching for  life's biggest moments.


We provide specialist transition coaching


Praegressa’s combined professional coaching experience spans more than 20 years and while our background is corporate, our coaching style is nurturing and supportive. 

Transition coaching for executives is all about supporting the individual through what can be a really challenging change at work. Whether it's supporting someone as they take time away from work to start a family, to build the confidence to apply for promotion, to lead a change programme at work, or head up a new team - our experienced coaching will provide strategic, caring support to enable that person to transition effectively and with positive results. 

The results of our client work to date have shown to improve not only the individual's confidence and performance at work, but also improve talent retention across the organisation. 

We provide the tools to allow a process of discovery to take place. It allows the individual the time and space to clarify their intentions, and work through a process that will achieve a better future for them, and positive outcomes for the organisation too.


Parental Leave
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Emma helped me understand that it was not about returning to my old self, but about becoming an improved version; benefiting from the insights she offered, her coaching skills, and from how I had already changed
as a parent."

Partner, top 25 law firm

Parental leave coaching 


Parental leave coaching creates a positive relationship that breeds better engagement, creates a more positive work culture, and can make the organisation a highly attractive employer to both new recruits and existing employees. 


There is a wealth of evidence to support parental coaching as a successful intervention in helping to retain professional women when they have a family**.


For the primary caregivers (typically women), the impact of taking time out of their career can be huge. For the organisation, losing female employees can contribute to a lack of senior female talent and add to the gender pay gap.

Costs associated with retaining employees can be significantly less that the costs of replacing them - upwards of £30k*

* Symposium Parental Leave Forum 2014

**Ernst & Young, 2012; Filsinger & Worth, 2012;

Harrison, 2008; My Family Care, 2016; Talking Talent, 2016

Parental leave coaching: the benefits

For your organisation

  • Save money through retention of talent 

  • Retain more women, increasing gender diversity among senior employees

  • Provides a more diverse talent pool and leadership pipeline

  • Opportunity to up-skill your managers and lessening the burden caused by staff transition

  • Become an employer of choice

  • Encourage fathers to take the flexibility too

  • Parental leave coaching is viewed as a leadership development programme

  • Proven return on investment

For the individual 

  • Demonstrable career progression

  • Learn how to manage during a time of profound psychological change

  • Positively impacts on confidence and engagement with workplace

  • Help them to see how their work and home life can blend

  • Help coping with feelings of guilt

  • Help with adjusting to a 'new norm'

  • Transition made easier by having neutral, external support

  • Improved motivation and empathy with others

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For all parents 


It's important for employers to encourage both parents to take parental leave, so both can share the transition into new parenthood. It also helps to transform perceptions of caregiving responsibility, and enables more parents taking time out of work for family leave, to return to work sooner if they wish to. 

While women still make up the majority of those taking parental leave, the number of men taking it has increased by around 10% in recent years. 

Specialist support for female lawyers 


We understand the difficulties female lawyers face in navigating parenthood and family life alongside the path to promotion. 

With our extensive experience working in law firms, we can help female lawyers by creating a personal road map to support them through these transitions. Within this, we can help support decisions on timings, and how to best prepare for parental leave, applying for promotion, or starting in a new position. 

Parental Leave

What does parental leave

coaching involve?  

We support our new parents through a series of one-to-one conversations. Typically, these begin while the individual is still at work, then as they prepare to come back, and during their first few months back in work. 

These one-to-one sessions typically cover: 


  • Letting go, even if only temporarily, and preparing to hand over the role.

  • Retaining confidence while recognising that things may be different or better

  • Balancing their new work-life priorities 

  • Dealing with the reactions of others 

  • Managing their own mind and emotions as  things change

  • Communicating their mid and long term goals and aspirations

Ultimately, these one-to-one conversations are about supporting the individual, and giving them the chance to face their workload and working environment with confidence and reassurance.

Why not get in touch for an informal discussion about parental leave coaching?


Leadership coaching


Our leadership coaching is a powerful tool that can help individuals leverage the skills they already have within your organisation.


We can help highlight issues, change behaviours, and build confidence. It's a great way to support those who are transitioning into a different role or taking on bigger responsibilities. 

Lawyers who are looking to apply for promotion can expect experienced coaches who can help them decide the best time to go for promotion, to prepare for that application process, and how to start that role feeling confident and ready. 

We help individuals develop self-awareness so that they feel ready to drive transformational change and provide critical challenge and support within their teams. 

Ultimately, our goal is to maximise performance and effectiveness for both the individual and the organisation. 

"Our approach enables people to make progress where they have previously found themselves unable to advance."

Emma Lewis


Leadership coaching: The benefits

For your organisation

  • Improved retention of talent 

  • Improved performance across the organisation

  • Better morale, motivation, and enthusiasm in the workplace

  • Better engagement, often leading to a positive impact on the firm's bottom line

  • Consideration of the firm's culture and objectives throughout.

For the individual 

  • Learn to harness their own strengths

  • Develop greater confidence and enhanced performance

  • Develop improved leadership abilities

  • Heightened sense of self awareness

  • Increased levels of motivation

  • Greater empathy for others

  • Greater levels of collaboration and better influencing skills

  • Demonstrable career progression

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"Emma has coached me through to partnership. Her approach to identifying my strengths and focusing my energies on those, has changed my role for the better and I have been happier and more successful as a result. Emma is a pleasure to work with."

Partner, top 25 law firm

Our coaching


  • Highly supportive and strategic throughout

  • Focused on building a strong relationship with the individual

  • Establish a rapport in the first meeting

  • We always coach in person through one-to-one sessions

  • We encourage individuals to focus on their development while considering their organisation’s wider culture and objectives. 

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